International Latino Film Society

About the ILFS

The International Latino Film Society celebrates the breadth and diversity of Latino culture through the powerful medium of film and promotes positive Latino throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

Our quality programming is recognized world wide for its innovation, inclusiveness and strong community ties. Now in its eleventh year, our annual International Latino Film Festival has grown to serve more than eight cities to meet the growing demand from the communities we serve. As the Latino population has grown so have our programs, and we continually strive to meet the needs of our audiences in new and innovative ways. As a result we created the International Latino Film Society to have year-round presence and reach out to a variety of our demographics.

Our mission is simple: We aim to educate and promote Latino talent, while combating stereotypes that harm our communities. The programs presented by the Society encompass a broad range of Latino cultural expression and give a rich and varied view of the social, political and economic perspectives of Latinos both here in the United States and across the continents. Our LGBT, Jewish, Afro-Latino, Women’s and Emerging Filmmaker’s programs are essential to our work. We actively seek out and showcase these voices, going beyond national borders and focusing on our humanity and universality.

The Society has four distinct but integrated programs:

• The Annual “International Latino Film Festival – San Francisco Bay Area”, the 12th edition of which will be held November 7 – 23, 2008 in San Francisco, San Jose, Marin, Berkeley and Redwood City.

CINE365 – our program of year-round screenings in Latino communities

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Youth in Video

• The International Emerging Latino Filmmaker’s Conference.